18Birdies: A Fresh New Twist to Golf

Have you ever been that person in the group to keep track of all the scores and betting? That was the role Eddy Lui was bestowed every time he played with his friends. Mr. Lui, who is a self-described gadget geek, decided to utilize his passion in golf with his success and love for technology. His vision was to bring a mobile golf platform that enhances the experience between golfers and the courses they love to play through technology, social and gaming. And boy did he do that!

Mr. Eddy Lui, Founder 18 Birdies

Mr. Lui founded 18Birdies and his mission is to inspire golfers of all generations to enhance their game, share their experiences with friends, and increase their enjoyment of golf.

Kris Tschetter, LPGA Tour Player/18 Birdies Director of Community Relations

You know the world is very small when those individuals that you crossed paths with earlier in your career sometimes come back into your life in a wonderful way. That is what happened with Kris Tschetter and myself. Social media is like the ‘full circle of life’. My LPGA Tour Playing days may have ended years ago, but the true friendships you made along the way last a lifetime no matter the miles or time between getting together or conversations.

Kris Tschetter, Director Community Relations; LPGA Player
Kris Tschetter, Director Community Relations; LPGA Player

Recently, Kris and I reconnected on Twitter and Facebook and after catching up we realized our paths in life were similar in the commitment and mission to growing golf. Kris is an amazing young lady who was a powerhouse on the tour. What I mean is that she had a way of taking Old Man Par to his knees while showing a softer side with all tour players. A fabulous role model by every definition of those words.

While chatting it up, I learned so much about her role with 18Birdies and how together we could bring the information to the golf community via Divot Dynasty. I was so pleased that 18Birdies brought Miss Tschetter onto Team 18Birdies. They got the best of the best.

I asked Kris why she joined 18Birdies:

I joined 18Birdies because I loved and believed in their mission. Golf has always been a huge part of my life, and this was something that sparked my passion. It not only gave me the opportunity to continue in golf but to help grow the game as well. I am a competitor, and I am always trying to be better. The thing that impressed me most about the company was the people, their desire to make 18Birdies the best mobile platform out there, and their willingness to go the extra mile~whatever that may be~ to achieve it. ~ Kris Tschetter

Our conversation changed discussing where 18Birdies came from and where it is going. Let me share a few things about 18Birdies to wet your whistle and then one of our Divot Dynasty Team Members, Collin Holmes, will take you on a tour of 18Birdies through his in-depth review. Unfortunately, I am side lined from knee surgery but wanted to get this information out to all of you as soon as possible. Once I am back on the course, I will add to the social media chatter of 18Birdies!

What is 18Birdies?

Mr. Lui, Founder of 18Birdies, wanted to make things interesting on the course while getting more out of your game. His goal was to create an APP that has many layers: ability to keep score, a state of the art GPS System that is more user friendly that all others, ability to compete against your friends via the social scene of golf (add to that social media), keeping stats (Greens in Regulation, Fairways hit, Chips, and Putts), keep up with betting with your golf buddies and a Tournament Feature where up have real time scoring to know when you need to ‘go for it’ of lay up based upon who is leading.

That is a mouthful but let me tell you it is truly an innovation in the golf world that you do not want to miss out on.

18Birdies is like no other App. Let me share on amazing feature that I truly love and you will too. You have your smart phone in your hand and you have pulled up 18Birdies GPS to check how far you are from the hole.

18 Birdies GPS

Now imagine this–> You are standing at your ball and you know you can’t reach the green. You also see there are a few hazards to contend with from your position to the hole. What you would really like to do is know exactly how far it is to fly the bunker and keep it short of the water in front of the green. Sound familiar. Well guess what? 18Birdies allows you to use your finger and move the cursor (that target looking circle in the photo above) on your smart phone screen to that exact spot you would like to land….and get this…it will tell you have from from where you stand to your landing spot it is!! Whoa! Now that rocks!!! Where has this been all my life because I don’t hit perfect shots every time!

This is just one of the many features 18Birdies has to offer.

Another innovative and impressive feature is 18Birdies Tournament+ . This is something that no other Golf APP offers.

18Birdies Tournament+ provides golf courses and golfers with an easy-to-use set of tournament features that will support both large and smaller tournaments such as private leagues, golf trips or group outings. Tournament+ also supports different golf formats such as Scramble, Best Ball, team best ball, Individual stroke play and Skins all within the app. Golf courses and golfers can now easily manage tournaments, and provide a live leaderboard like the pros that players can view via the 18Birdies app or web portal. Tournament+ brings a more social approach to golf tournaments by utilizing its Feed feature to share pictures, scores and comments all in real-time via the 18Birdies app. In addition to making Tournament+ tools available within the app, 18Birdies is also introducing a new feature-rich web portal with an expanded set of tools for managing every aspect of a tournament. (FYI–Tournament+ is available now within the 18Birdies app and is available via iTunes and Google Play). ~ Team 18 Birdies

18 Birdies Tounament +

  • 18Birdies Tournament+ features include:
    >18Birdies Tournament+ Formats: Supports different tournament formats such as Skins, Best Ball and Scramble
    >Tournament+ Management Portal: Organizers now have a web-based interface for managing tournaments with tools for setup, managing email invitations, organizing and managing team configurations, managing scores (create, edit or delete) and displaying live leaderboards
    >Live Leaderboards: Easily track gross score, net score, Skins, Best Ball and Scramble formats all within the 18Birdies app platform
    >Live Social Sharing: Tournament organizers and participants can now share scores, pictures, videos and messages in real-time via the 18Birdies Feed
    >Tournament+ Handicap: 18Birdies automatically factors in each player’s handicap index

This is one amazing feature that I know the golf world will love.

One final thought before Collin Holmes takes over the review portion of our detailed look at 18Birdies — This is a free APP for you to download that will take you on a journey. Young players and older players will enjoy every aspect of the app from the ability to post pictures/videos on the social feed to getting to know your game a bit better though the statistics portion. I am impressed and excited for all the things 18Birdies is now and all the things it will bring to us in the future. I have 18Birdies downloaded, do you?

And now let us turn our attention to Divot Dynasty’s 18Birdies Review:

Collin Holmes 18Birdies Review

18 birdies is a golf app that is taking the industry by storm! It is one of a kind and quite impressive from the get-go. It was exciting to take the 18Birdies APP out for a spin on the course.


I wanted to really give the 18Birdies APP a good test and I was blown away. It looks amazing on my smartphone screen and very easy to read. The GPS is detailed and accurate. I feel confident with its distance measurements. The added bonus is the scorecard feature…just to name one of many! It is simple, easy and looks amazing on the screen…reads perfectly without strain to see or understand.

A great plus is that I don’t have to carry around a bulky GPS Measurement device. I (like many) carry my smart phone everywhere I go and with a quick click, I can pull up 18Birdies and see exactly how far away from my target I am and select the correct club. This is an awesome feeling to have when out on the course.

18Birdies Screen shot during play

Overall Rating for Look/Feel is 4.5 out of 5


Let’s take a look at the overall performance of 18Birdies. I will take you on my testing journey and share with you how 18Birdies stacked up during my round.

My Round:

My dad and I set out to test 18Birdies for the first time. We picked a course named Big Met in Fairview Park, OH where I had played several qualifying tournaments. The reason we choose this course was to test out how accurate the GPS is and to see if the app could make the course any more fun since we have played it so many times.

To set up our round on 18Birdies, I selected the course we were at (Big Met), choose the tees we were playing from, picked the back nine as our start and plugged in the players from our group. The set up of our round with 18Birdies was super easy and anyone can do it. 

My dad and I choose to play the back nine of Big Met. While on the first tee we were paired with another golfer named Mike Miller. On the first tee I started to explain the app to Mike and how I was out reviewing it for the day. While discussing the app we discovered an awesome feature, side bets. Yes…this is awesome!!!

Of course, we set up a bet for the group. 18Birdies has the option of Skins, Nassau, Vegas, Rolling Stroke and Match play (Four Ball). The app will even let you give strokes based on handicap. So, we went ahead and plugged in a side bet, we choose to play skins and keep the option to factor in handicap.

18Birdies Screen shot Bets

From the moment I completed the input options, the app worked seamlessly. As I stood on the first tee with my phone in one hand looking at the GPS, and my range finder in the other, I immediately understood this app was for real. The yardages were spot on, the aerial view on the hole was very precise (and way cool) and you could even move around the GPS (cursor) to see how far it was to bunkers, lakes and any other object you would desire. This I had never seen before and this feature knocked my socks off.

Throughout the round I was so shocked at how accurate the GPS was. From every yardage no matter if I was in the fairway, in the trees (looking for my dads ball, haha!) or 50 yards from the green, the GPS on the 18Birdies app was awesome.

As we made our way around the back nine of Big Met, I noticed that you could keep track of your stats while you play. WHAAAAT!!! This app has everything! Keeping stats is a huge part of becoming a better golf and understanding your strengths and weaknesses. For 18 Birdies to have identified the need for keeping stats on the same app you keep score and use a GPS, they really nailed it.


I love how easy keeping track of score and bets is on 18Birdies. Being able to plug in scores right on my phone while having the app calculate where our bets were standing, where we stood against par all in real time is awesome. It’s a testament to all the hard work 18Birdies has put in to make this app the future of golf.

After the round was over, we already new who won the bets, what our scores were and what our stats for each hole were for the day. This is huge when it comes to the fast pace life we live in today. 18Birdies has made paying out bets, keeping score and stats so easy. They even emailed me a completed score at the end!

18Birdies emailed scorecard

Something I found out after our round — there is a tournament option where you can set up your own tournament. This would allow you to keep live scoring, bets and side games all in one place and in real time! Amazing! To top it off, there is a social feed were you can upload comments, smack talk, and send videos and pictures to share with your golf buddies.

I believe one of the best features about this app is the ability to post a score to a course and have all your friends see it. It creates a this competitive drive allowing you to try and beat any of your friend’s lowest scores at that particular course. This is exactly what golf needs, a bit more competition between golf peers that will keep most people focused on their entire round.

Overall the performance was truly amazing. This is one APP that I utilized every round. From the precise GPS feature, to the ability to keep stats and set up a tournament…All I can say is well done 18Birdies…well done!



Final Thoughts

Thank you Collin Holmes for giving 18Birdies a true test and bringing your findings to our Divot Dynasty Community. I am very excited to get back on the course and give this APP a good workout. For an APP to have precise GPS, the ability to find a landing area from where you stand by moving a cursor or your screen, a place for stats, a tournament feature and a social media connection to ‘smack-talk’ your buddies….I am all in!!

If you are looking for an APP that can give you all you need while playing and help you achieve your goals in golf, give 18Birdies a try. I know you will be happy. You are in for a treat and will get more out of your game on and off the course.

Don’t just take if from us here at Divot Dynasty, try it out for yourself. Click here and you can read more about 18Birdies. The website gives you all the information you need to get started…clear and concise.

On behalf of myself, Collin Holmes and all of us at Divot Dynasty, thank you for joining us as we continue to bring you what you want and need helping you enjoy a lifetime of golf.

Until next time…believe and achieve.

‘keep smiling and always believe’






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