HoleOut Golf Product Review: HoleOut Pro and More

July 21, 2016

TweetHoleOut Golf Product Review We all want to be better golfers and finding tools to help us reach those goals is imperative.  We see gadgets and gizmos in ads that supposedly will take our golf game to the next level.  We’ve all tried them and felt like dummies afterwards because they did nothing to improve our golf skills.  What if there was a company that put together numerous items to…


PURE Grips Review: How PURE They Are

June 28, 2016

TweetHow PURE These Grips Really Are: PURE Grips For the past week I have been practicing and falling in love with my PURE grips! This grip company is based in the United States, and is an up and coming company that caters to their customers very well. I have been using the PURE Pro model, which reminds me of a the Golfpride tour velvet, so you can put an image…


LoudMouth Sunglasses Review: Bright Color Golf Fashion

June 1, 2016

TweetLoudMouth Sunglasses: Raising the Fashion Bar When it comes to golf and sunglasses, there are many choices in the marketplace. However, there is truly one that stands out from the rest in fashion and comfort. LoudMouth continues to bring us incredibly ‘Loud’ sunglasses that impact our games and golf fashion. Divot Dynasty had the honor of LoudMouth reaching out to us to review a new line of sunglasses aimed at…


Bushnell Tour V4 Slope Rangefinder

May 11, 2016

TweetBig News For Bushnell Tour V4 Slope Range finders are no new thing to the golf industry, but the Bushnell Tour V4 Slope is making waves and not only for the novices, but Professional Tour players as well. Now that slope finding range finders can be used, the Bushnell Tour V4 Slope edition is being utilized by many professionals and their caddies to find true distances that include slope adjustments….