Tour Edge Exotics XJ1 Driver: SUPERMETAL

September 14, 2016

TweetTour Edge Exotics XJ1 Driver: Supermetal Batavia, IL (September 6, 2016) – Tour Edge Golf officially announces the new Tour Edge Exotics XJ1 Driver. A ground-breaking combination of a 9-1-1 titanium chassis, Kevlar-Carbon crown and three Tungsten sole weights exceed all expectations in design and performance. This superior lightweight concept, combined with the most advanced ultra-light AIR SPEEDER shafts, allows players with moderate swing speeds to generate maximum distance off the tee. “Most…


Tour Edge Hot Launch 2: Golf’s Most Solid Investment

August 17, 2016

Tweet Tour Edge Hot Launch 2: Golf’s Most Solid Investment Tour Edge Golf has been around for 30 years now and has produced some of golf’s favorite clubs, which include the Exotics line, Bazooka line and many more. Poised to make an even bigger splash in 2016-17, Tour Edge has announced the coming release of the Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 line. While Tour Edge might not be the biggest…


TaylorMade M2 Driver Review: With Golf Life

July 10, 2016

TweetTaylorMade M2 Driver Some consider TaylorMade golf the reigning king of drivers and for good reason. TaylorMade has come out with some of the top drivers in the last several years.  The R-Series of drivers for example has been extremely popular among pros and the weekend hackers for the last several years.  So now it’s time for the TaylorMade M2 Driver to take the stage. == SEE MORE DRIVER REVIEWS…


Cobra Fly Z Driver Review: Fly Z+

June 23, 2016

TweetCobra Fly Z Driver: Fly-Z+ In 2015, Cobra Golf introduced the Cobra Fly Z driver and Fly Z+ driver, including the of the Fly-Z family of golf clubs. In this review I will testing the Fly Z+ driver.  So let’s get to it. TECHNOLOGY: Forged E9 – The next-generation COBRA Forged E9 Zone Face removes weight from key areas to increase the size and speed of the sweet zone for…


TaylorMade M1 Driver Review: Divot Dynasty

m1 driver review
April 12, 2016

TweetTaylorMade Golf has come under some fire recently regarding the amount of drivers they produce year in and year out.  While I’m not here to argue whether it’s right or wrong, I will tell you that the TaylorMade Golf M1 Driver is a solid golf club. In this article we will hopefully be able to give you a little more information that will help you determine if the M1 is…


TaylorMade M2 Driver Preview

TaylorMade M2 Driver
March 6, 2016

TweetThe TaylorMade M2 Driver Preview It’s 2016 and that means new golf equipment from the top OEM’s. The TaylorMade M2 Driver made it’s debut with a lot of media surrounding it, as usual for a new driver from TaylorMade Golf. TaylorMade’s PGA Tour pros have already made the switch to the M2 driver, including Sergio Garcia and others. –== Follow Divot Dynasty on Twitter HERE ==– As usual, let’s take…


Titleist 915 D2 Driver Preview

Titleist 915 D2 Driver
February 22, 2016

TweetThe Titleist 915 D2 Driver: Making Golfers Smile The Titleist 915 D2 Driver is one of the newest offerings from the Titleist Golf crew.  When I think about golf club fanatics, I think Titleist fans are some of the most hardcore.  Golfers who use Titleist clubs swear by them and very rarely will change to another brand.  There is a good reason for that since Titleist consistently produces some of…


Mizuno JPX EZ Driver Preview

mizuno jpx ez driver
February 17, 2016

TweetMizuno JPX EZ Driver: Is It Easy? The Mizuno JPX EZ Driver is Mizuno Golf’s newest and possibly most forgiving driver to date.  The Mizuno JPX EZ Driver has been available for purchase for quite some time now, but we thought we would break it down a little for our Divot Dynasty fans.  Mizuno has also recently released the JPX-850 driver, which was a big hit with consumers and they…


Srixon Z355 Driver Preview

srixon Z355 Driver
February 17, 2016

TweetSrixon Z355 Driver Preview Srixon Golf has announced the Srixon Z355 Driver with the hopes it will make your tee box experience more consistent. The entire premise behind this new driver from Srixon was to create more consistency through balance and stability. After all, isn’t every golfer looking for a more consistent tee shot? I personally don’t see too many golfers with Srixon drivers these days, especially here in the…


Cobra King F6 Driver Review

February 9, 2016

TweetThe Cobra King F6 Driver Has Bite Cobra Golf kicks off 2016 with the Cobra King F6 Driver.  The year 2016 is going to be a good one for Cobra Golf with the release of another solid line of clubs. The Cobra F6 Driver has just as many good qualities as the Fly-Z did a year ago, plus a few more fine tuned tweaks. –== Give us a LIKE on…