Bputters: Proud Italian Putter Company

October 18, 2016

TweetIn golf, what is the most important club in your bag? Without doubt it is the flat stick! You may question me and ask why? Let me break it down: Add up your score at the end of the round keeping track of the number of putts. Let’s say you shoot 85 and you have 36 putts. What percentage of your score is your putts? It is over 40% (42.35…


Odyssey Milled RSX Putters

June 22, 2016

TweetOdyssey Milled RSX Putters Announced As most golfers know, Odyssey Golf is one of the kingpins when it comes to putters. They produced some of the best and most popular putters in the last several years.  I personally used an Odyssey Versa for quite sometime and loved it. I’ve since moved on from my Versa putter, but looking at the new RSX line, I might have to give them a…