Divot Dynasty Mental Tip: No Gimmes

September 15, 2016

TweetToday, I just wanted to give you all a quick mental tip to help your overall Golf Fit Mind. The mental game is very important and many believe that it can make up at least 50% of your overall success in golf. If you only work physically on your game, you will never reach your golf goals. So why not practice the mental side of golf to improve your game…


How to Manage Anger: Mental Golf Tip

August 30, 2016

TweetHow to Manage Anger: Mental Golf Tip Let’s face it, we have all at some point or another gotten a little hot under the collar on the course. I know I have ‘lost it’.  I admit I have lost it enough to wrap a 9 iron around a tree.  Yes, I did and I feel better to have shared that with all of you. Can you say ‘Anger Management’ needed?  You…


Change Up Your Golf Practice: Divot Dynasty Golf Tips

August 17, 2016

TweetChange Up Your Golf Practice: Divot Dynasty Golf Tips It’s a new week and you know you will have time to get to the range a few times before your weekend golf games. So it’s time for some golf practice. As always, you will grab your sticks and go out and pound shot after shot on the range. You will drag a ball over and hit it over and over…


Famous Golf Quotes to Calm the Mind

August 8, 2016

TweetFamous Golf Quotes to Calm the Mind Golf is a game where we can get so caught up in our own heads that we forget to play golf. I wanted to take the chance to share a few of my favorite famous golf quotes that may help you with your mental approach to golf . Remember this: Golf is a game played between the ears. Ben Crenshaw once said, “I…


Loose Impediments in Hazard: Golf Rule

July 31, 2016

TweetLoose Impediments Golf Rule Rules are to help us enjoy the game of golf. It makes it more fun and rounds run smoothly when players know the basic Rules of Golf. I would like to address a rule that was recently brought to me by a member of the Divot Dynasty Community. Loose Impediments Golf Rule. Situation: While searching for her ball, which is believed to be covered by loose…


Golf Etiquette Basics: Divot Dynasty Golf Tips

July 27, 2016

TweetGolf Etiquette Basics Whether you are a avid golfer or brand new to the game, it is important to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of golf. Everyone wants to have a great time on the course and a great start is being comfortable with the basic rules of golf etiquette. Recently, I have been asked about the basics of golf etiquette and how know them will make your…


Pre-Shot Routine: Divot Dynasty Mental Golf Tip

July 20, 2016

TweetAs you may imagine, I have played many rounds throughout the world with many different golfers. I have had to opportunity to play with pros as well as amateurs. When playing with either, I have noticed one thing that truly separates the good rounds from the…well, not so good rounds… a good pre-shot routine. You might be asking yourself  what is a pre-shot routine or telling yourself, I don’t need…


See the Dimple: Golf Quick Tip

July 7, 2016

TweetSee the Dimple Hello Divot Dynasty Family!! I want to write up a Quick Golf Tip that is easy and will help your overall focus with impacting the golf ball. This is a quick and easy tip to take you into your weekend of golf. See the dimple!! The Dimple is the Key Ever had anyone ask you where you look before you hit your shot? When you really think…


Half Speed Swing To Success: Friday Golf Tip

July 1, 2016

TweetHalf Speed Swing to Success As you head into the weekend of awesome summer golf, I’d like to give you a little tip helping you get into your game quickly with a solid pass at the ball on the course. Half Speed Swing to Success… Here we go. When we arrive at the course, we usually give ourselves time to warm up those muscles on the range prior to the…


The Up and Down Drill: Golf Tip

June 30, 2016

TweetThe Up and Down Drill We are back with another quick golf tip from our resident golf instructor Collin Holmes.  In this drill, Collin is going to walk you through a fun drill he calls the Up and Down Drill.  This game/drill is meant to help you zero in on your short game and getting up and down to save those pars when it’s really needed. == MORE GOLF TIPS…