Bputters: Proud Italian Putter Company

October 18, 2016

TweetIn golf, what is the most important club in your bag? Without doubt it is the flat stick! You may question me and ask why? Let me break it down: Add up your score at the end of the round keeping track of the number of putts. Let’s say you shoot 85 and you have 36 putts. What percentage of your score is your putts? It is over 40% (42.35…


Divot Dynasty Aims to Become the Most Inclusive Online Golf Community

September 30, 2016

Tweet Los Angeles, CA., Sept. 30, 2016 —- Whether you’re a seasoned pro or have just picked up your first set of clubs, Divot Dynasty wants you to be a part of their online golf community. Launched in spring 2016, Divot Dynasty is the brainchild of Matt DeLancey, formerly a contributor to Golf Channel, Golf WRX, and Bunker’s Paradise and another golf enthusiast co-founder that has since moved on to…


We’re Still Standing!

September 24, 2016

Tweet HEY DIVOT DYNASTY FANS! It’s been an interesting start with some bumps in the road but we’re still here. DD isn’t going away or shutting down. We’re doing a quick regroup and will have some info for you in the coming days. In the meantime, just remember – we’re still standing! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It’s true, one of our founders has left and is working on new projects with…


HoleOut Golf Giveaway Winners

September 10, 2016

TweetOur latest contest/giveaway has come to an end and we have our winners.  Before announcing the winners we want to take a moment to thank HoleOut Golf for sponsoring this incredible giveaway.  If you aren’t familiar with HoleOut Golf, please take a moment and follow this link to see how their products might help your golf game. Now to the winners!!! If you find your name on the winners list, please contact…


HoleOut Golf Giveaway: Be A Winner

August 31, 2016

TweetHoleOut Golf Giveaway Contest It’s time for another Divot Dynasty giveaway presented by HoleOut Golf. Who is HoleOut Golf? Well they make some of the best and most useful golf aids and tools on the market.  We recently conducted a review of their products and we were very impressed. In case you missed our review, check it out here.  Now let’s get started with this HoleOut Golf Giveaway. Prizes: There…


Rickie Fowler Olympics: Like a Boss

August 10, 2016

TweetRickie Fowler Olympics: Like a Boss It’s not everyday that you get to play in the Olympics and Rickie Fowler understands this.  While others opted out of the Olympics due to fears of getting sick, Fowler has fully embraced the experience. Oddly enough, Rickie was the only US golfer to walk in the Opening Ceremony, which blows my mind. If I was going to be in the Olympics, that is…


Press Release: 18Birdies Enhances Golf Experience

July 21, 2016

TweetHello Divot Dynasty Family. We have an amazing opportunity to delve into the APP 18Birdies and share with you not only what the APP has in store for you in getting more out of your golf game on and off the course, but also how it can change the way you play on a day to day basis. Kris Tschetter is an LPGA Tour Player and a dear friend of…


Bubba’s Jetpack Golf Cart: Video

July 18, 2016

TweetBubba’s Jetpack Golf Cart Bubba Watson first made a splash with his hovercraft golf cart a few years back, now it’s Bubba’s Jetpack Golf Cart? Bubba Watson has teamed up with Oakley again for an adventure of a lifetime.  Not that any of us can afford it, but they are creating a jetpack that will replace golf carts? Personally I’m afraid of heights, so I don’t think I’ll ever jump…


The Open Championship 2016- Preview and Predictions

July 14, 2016

Tweet   Whether you call it The Open, The British Open or The Open Championship, it is still one of the most popular PGA Tour stops and as the third major of the year, the best of the best make their trip across the pond to play for the Claret Jug. It’s also the worst major of the year for us west coasters to watch, as much as we love…


Brittany Lang Wins US Women’s Open

July 12, 2016

TweetIf you didn’t watch the Women’s US Open this year, you missed out on some amazing golf that was highlighted by Brittany Lang walking away with her first US Open title after a three hole playoff.  Lang is a tour staff player for the Antigua Group and they clearly were excited for Brittany.  For more information see the press release below. PEORIA, AZ. – The Antigua Group, Inc, one of…