Mizuno MP 25 Irons Review: Video

August 11, 2016

TweetMizuno MP 25 Irons Review Mizunzo Golf has been making golf clubs since 1933 when it released it’s first woods, the Star line. It took several years after before Mizuno released any irons in the market as the company was focused on other sports such as baseball. In more recent years, Mizuno golf introduced their MP series of clubs, which leads us to the Mizuno MP 25 Irons review you…


Putting Alignment Drill: Video Golf Tip

July 12, 2016

TweetPutting Alignment Drill It’s that time again! The time to join Collin Holmes in making your golf game better. In today’s golf tip, Collin discusses a drill to help you square up and have a proper swing path with your putter. This putting alignment drill should help you sink more putts and hopefully beat that annoying golf partner you play with every weekend. What You Will Need: Putter Putting Green…


Alignment Putting Drill With Collin Holmes

July 6, 2016

TweetAlignment Putting Drill So you want to be a good putter? You want to show off your skills like Jordan Spieth? Well you better know how to align your putts or you won’t be showing off much of anything on the greens.  In this alignment putting drill, our Golf Instructor Collin Holmes is going to show you a fun way to help with making more putts. What You Need: Putting…


2015 US Open Highlights: Jordan Spieth Wins

2015 us open
June 13, 2016

Tweet2015 US Open Highlights The 2015 US Open featured Jordan Spieth confirming to the world that he is one of the best players this game.  As usual, the US Open had amazing shots, heartbreaks and triumphs, so we thought we would revisit 2015 to get everyone in the mood for this year’s 2016 US Open at Oakmont. For a more lengthy version of the 2015 US Open, we found this…


Tiger Woods The Open Chronicles: Video

June 9, 2016

TweetTiger Woods The Open Chronicles Like him or not, Tiger Woods will go down as arguably the greatest golfer to ever play this game. He has transformed the sport into what many only dreamed of.   While Tiger has had some amazing moments in his career thus far, some of Tiger’s greatest moments have come from The Open.  Woods has won three times at The Open, in 2000, 2005 and…


PGA Tour Pros Hit Persimmon Woods: Video

June 7, 2016

TweetPGA Tour Pros hit Persimmon Woods Golf has changed over the years as players are hitting golf balls further and further.  While some might say that athletes are more fit and better trained, others would say it’s the technology in golf equipment.  Are golf clubs just that much better?  Are the golfers in better shape?  I don’t think I can answer that question for you today, but I can do…


Best and Worst: Fans Yelling on the PGA Tour

June 3, 2016

TweetBest/Worst: Fans Yelling on the PGA Tour The idea of fans screaming silly things during the PGA Tour has seem to slowed down a little bit, but there are still fans yelling on the PGA Tour.  I do admit that when this phenomenon started, I found some of it to be funny. But now as time goes by, I only find it amusing when someone is original. When I hear…


Steph Curry’s Golf Swing: He’s Got Game

May 28, 2016

TweetSteph Curry’s Golf Swing is Legit Any sports fan should know the name Steph Curry by now and for good reason.  He a the reigning NBA Champion with the Golden State Warriors and he just received the NBA MVP award, with a first time ever unanimous vote. -== See More Golf Videos HERE ==- His basketball skills are in a world of their own, did you also know that he plays…


Golf Swing Fails: Best of the Best Video

May 14, 2016

TweetGolf Swing Fails The title says enough, golf swing fails.  Let’s face it, golf is hard and for a new golfer, it can be even harder. Funny golf swings are always fun to watch mainly because they are silly, but also because we can all relate to the struggles. –== Click Here for More funny golf videos ==– So I decided to put together some of the top swing fails…


Rory McIlroy’s House: Video

May 10, 2016

TweetRory McIlroy’s House: Classy Living Have you ever wondered how some of the PGA Tour’s biggest names live?  What does Tiger Woods house look like? How about Rickie Fowler? What does Rory McIlroy’s House look like? Do they have butlers? Do they cook their own food? Do they have giant swimming pools?  Do they have giant putting greens on their property? I’m sure many of us think they live like…