Best and Worst: Fans Yelling on the PGA Tour

June 3, 2016

TweetBest/Worst: Fans Yelling on the PGA Tour The idea of fans screaming silly things during the PGA Tour has seem to slowed down a little bit, but there are still fans yelling on the PGA Tour.  I do admit that when this phenomenon started, I found some of it to be funny. But now as time goes by, I only find it amusing when someone is original. When I hear…


Golf Swing Fails: Best of the Best Video

May 14, 2016

TweetGolf Swing Fails The title says enough, golf swing fails.  Let’s face it, golf is hard and for a new golfer, it can be even harder. Funny golf swings are always fun to watch mainly because they are silly, but also because we can all relate to the struggles. –== Click Here for More funny golf videos ==– So I decided to put together some of the top swing fails…


Goldie Hawn Dancing on Golf Course

April 26, 2016

TweetGoldie Hawn Dancing Video If you are a fan of Goldie Hawn, then I think you will appreciate seeing this video of Goldie Hawn dancing and having some fun on the golf course.  In case you are under the age of 30 and have no clue who Goldie Hawn is, she is a Hollywood icon that has starred in numerous top billing movies over the years. To name a few,…


Amazing Golf Swing Video: Funny

April 25, 2016

TweetAmazing Golf Swing: Ok Funny Golf Swing Just when you thought you had an amazing golf swing in the great game of golf, this guy comes along to show you up. Not only is his swing amazing unique, he actually blasts it right down the middle of the fairway. –== PLEASE Like us on Facebook HERE ==– Ok, ok, I might be telling some fibs here.  This guy might not…


Golf Trick Shots: Dude Perfect Style

golf trick shots
April 4, 2016

TweetIf you haven’t heard of Dude Perfect by now you have probably been sleeping under a rock.  Dude Perfect has over 9 million subscribers to their YouTube channel and get about 5 million to 50 million views per video.  They are clearly the kings of YouTube when it comes to trick shots. In their latest episode, you will get to see Golf Trick Shots, Dude Perfect style. –== Like Divot…


Charles Barkley Golf Swing: Doesn’t Get Any Uglier

Charles Barkley Golf Swing
February 15, 2016

TweetCan you find something uglier than the Charles Barkley golf swing? It’s no secret that the Charles Barkley golf swing is of the worst golf swings amongst celebrity golfers.  We thought we’d make sure you all knew why.  Here’s a video that solidifies his title of Worst Golf Swing.  We’re grateful for Charles Barkley’s ugly golf swing for giving us hours of amusement! The Charles Barkley golf swing was even…


Fried Eggs Golf Visit the PGA Golf Show

Fried Eggs Golf
February 5, 2016

TweetFried Eggs Golf Creating Havoc at PGA Show If you aren’t a watcher of the YouTube channel Fried Eggs, you’ve been missing out on some fun stuff. The crew at Fried Eggs golf make golf videos that range from golf club reviews to rap videos. Yes you read that correctly… rap videos.  Now rap might not be your cup of tea, but everyone loves a video that will make you…