Putting Alignment Drill: Video Golf Tip

July 12, 2016

TweetPutting Alignment Drill It’s that time again! The time to join Collin Holmes in making your golf game better. In today’s golf tip, Collin discusses a drill to help you square up and have a proper swing path with your putter. This putting alignment drill should help you sink more putts and hopefully beat that annoying golf partner you play with every weekend. What You Will Need: Putter Putting Green…


Alignment Putting Drill With Collin Holmes

July 6, 2016

TweetAlignment Putting Drill So you want to be a good putter? You want to show off your skills like Jordan Spieth? Well you better know how to align your putts or you won’t be showing off much of anything on the greens. ┬áIn this alignment putting drill, our Golf Instructor Collin Holmes is going to show you a fun way to help with making more putts. What You Need: Putting…