Divot Dynasty Mental Tip: No Gimmes

Today, I just wanted to give you all a quick mental tip to help your overall Golf Fit Mind. The mental game is very important and many believe that it can make up at least 50% of your overall success in golf. If you only work physically on your game, you will never reach your golf goals. So why not practice the mental side of golf to improve your game and therefore potentially lowering your scores?

no gimmes


Mental Fitness Quick Tip

Mental Toughness basically means performing when it matters most. In other words, when it counts, you execute your shot perfectly (or as close to your perfect as possible).

Pros like Matt Kuchar (Bronze Medalist Rio Olymics) are known for making the shots and sinking the putts when it matters the most and on the world stage. You don’t have to be a pro or play with the world watching to ‘nail it’ when it matters most.

But there is one thing for sure, you would like to be comfortable when that moment comes in your weekend matches, club championship or any time your have to make the shot.

In order to strengthen your mental game and improve your mental toughness, take this advice and mental tip as an exercise to a better golf fit mind:  Don’t give yourself gimmes!

It may seem simple, but trust me when I say that if you continue to ‘pick up’ those 1-3 foot putts as gimmes, when they count you will be nervous. The idea is to get acclimated to pressure and embrace it! Make the short putt matter every time (even if someone is waiting behind you). If you knock in every putt, no matter how short, you will be more confident and ready when it really does count.

Final Thoughts

Being mentally tough and confident is a key to success on the course. Sometimes the simplest of tips can truly make a difference in our score at the end of the round. I will share that my dad never let me ‘pick up’ a putt or take a ‘gimme’ when we played together. He once told me, “Kate, think of this 2 foot putt as the winning putt for the US Women’s Open. Never ever think a putt is ‘good’. Nothing is ever ‘good’ in this life…you earn it.”

Thanks Dad! I have passed on your wisdom.

Thank you Divot Dynasty Family for checking in with us for this weeks Mental Tip. Let us know if you have any thoughts, comments or questions. We are here for you.

Until Next Time…Believe and Achieve!


‘keep smiling and always believe’


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