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Whether you are old school or new school you have to admit that golfing needs to be fun.  The future of golf depends on it.  The next generation of golfers don’t have Tiger Woods to help inspire them, so what is going to get kids out on the golf course?  Well what about some fun things like the golf club flip to get them interested.


We recently played a round of golf with our buddies over at ForePuttz and had a great time. During our round of golf, we came up with the idea of the #GolfClubFlip.  While the bat flip made a big impact in 2016 on baseball diamonds across the world, we think the golf club flip will be much more fun.  Here is our best golf club flips of the day.

What is the Golf Club Flip?

The idea is to flip your golf club right after you hit a great shot.  It can be with your driver, an iron, after you blast out of the sand with your wedge or even with your putter.  Just remember to be respectful of the greens and tee boxes folks, after all this is a gentlemen’s game. *wink wink*

I know some of the old school golfers won’t like this at all and I’m sorry for that, but golf needs some fun.  So we’ve come up with a fun hashtag/movement called #GolfClubFlip.  We want to see all of our followers, fans and friends go out and video your best golf club flip.  Send us your video to be featured right here at Divot Dynasty.  You will also be blasted all over Social Media, so get ready to be a Social Media star!!!

Take a look at our golf club flips and then send in your videos to [email protected] or tag us on Instagram using hashtag #golfclubflip.


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