Tap To Tee: Refreshments on Demand

I don’t know about you, but I get a little hot under the collar when I am parched and the Refreshment Cart is no where to be found. There are times on the course where I get hungry or thirsty and I may or may not see the refreshment cart in the next hour-plus…if at all!!!  Some days I think the cart is hidden, watching me from the trees while laughing at me hitting a shot, look for the refreshment cart, hit a shot, look for the refreshment cart ….etc. Frustrating to say the least especially if its 100 degrees out and I am melting into the grass hoping for a drink before I expire.

cWouldn’t it be amazing if you could get a beverage or snack when you want it? I mean…seriously…when you actually want it!!!

Well, you may not need to wait much longer. We had a chance here at Divot Dynasty to speak with the CEO of Tap to Tee – a new free app that will allow you to get refreshments at the tap of a button. Has someone finally listened to all of our whining?

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The Story Behind The Tap to Tee App

One day while out playing a weekend round of golf, Ron Firestone, CEO of Tap to Tee, and his buddy and Co-Founder, Nate Sutton, became frustrated when they couldn’t get a refreshment when they actually wanted one. They started talking and the conversation continued with the owner of the course they were playing that day. As they were all chatting, an idea popped into their heads — we need to find a way to alert the refreshment cart operator when we need a drink/snack.

Over several more conversations and some research, Tap to Tee was developed to solve the “Where is the refreshment cart?’ complaint on the course. An App was born — tap a button and the beverage cart will be alerted to your request with the ability to know exactly where you are on the course.


But they wanted to go deeper. They didn’t just want the ease of tapping a button to get the refreshment cart, they wanted to improve the overall golfer experience and assist the golfer on the course as well. They added a high end GPS feature that gives the golfer accurate yardage to the pin as well as the ‘refreshment button’ at their fingertips.

Our mission was to find a tech-savvy solution to benefit both the golfer and the golf course. That solution is Tap to Tee. Our app is a modern luxury tool that allows golfers to summon the refreshment cart with the tap of a button, while offering a free yardage feature for their golfing convenience — Ron Firestone

Let’s face it: Now at the click of a button you can get the drinks and food that you want, when you want it AND you have a high tech GPS system telling you precise yardage….all in the palm of your hand. I love it!!!

Tap Tee Gives Back

When I had the chance to speak with Mr. Firestone, I wanted to get a sense of how this all works. Sure, its an app that we tap and get what we desire, but how does it work with the courses and what does it cost?

The cost answer was simple — no cost to the player for the APP — it is a free download. In addition, it is an awesome opportunity when golf courses partner with Tap to Tee. Mr. Firestone and his team wanted to create an experience that was personal for the golfer improving the overall golf experience, and create an opportunity that each individual course can improve their overall revenue by increasing sales.

What does this all mean? It means that Tap Tee Golf can help courses generate revenue through an great partnership. Tap Tee Golf has developed a P.O.S. (point of sale) system that will communicate with the course revenue per hole, per 9 holes, per day, per demographics (men/women/age groups) and by course (if multiple courses on site) and per times of day with the most money spent. It can identify times/days/people who request the refreshment cart regardless if it is in service or not. Think about it. If the course doesn’t usually have someone operating the refreshment cart on a day that there is a large number of Tap to Tee requests, the course can make adjustments to capitalize on the missed business. WIN WIN.


In addition, Tap Tee Golf offers driver stats. The course management team will be able to see how each refreshment cart driver operates — how quick ‘Jim’s’ response is to the player who uses Tap to Tee App vs. ‘Jane’s’ response. This can assist in better training for employees as well as increased revenue for all (tips of for refreshment carts drivers and increased sales).

One more thing to note: you don’t have to carry money!!! You can pay right through Tap to Tee APP — How Awesome is that!!!! That is what I am talking about!

Where is Tap to Tee Now and What does the Future Look Like

By now you are probably wondering where you can get your hands on the Tap to Tee App. They are currently getting settled in their initial phase of launching and the response has been amazing. Courses are lining up to jump on board. The initial target has been vacation spots like Palm Springs…communities that can really see value up front with multiple courses on site.

However, word is getting out and Tap to Tee is getting requests from many courses. Stay tuned as Tap Tee Golf continues to roll out this amazing technology, you will see it soon where you live.

Tap to Tee has a cool pipeline of ideas that you’ll see as various phases launch. You think the app, as I have explained it, already rocks…just stay tuned! I am eager to utilize the app when the courses around me adopt Tap to Tee. Divot Dynasty is on board for the review.


Final Thoughts

The more I think about it the more I am so excited. I love that Tap Tee Golf is seeing the bigger picture. Their mission is to improve the overall experience of the golfer with ‘Refreshments when you want them’ along with state of the are GPS System -both that will be able give back to the golf industry in unique ways.  With improved refreshment cart efficiency resulting in increased revenue for the golf course and alleviating the golfer’s stress of ‘Where is the Refreshment Cart’, the golf world will rejoice and be happy!!

The benefits of Tap to Tee APP are incredible: ability to check your yardage, click for refreshments, service that finds you (and not you trying to flag them down-if you see them even) and the ability to pay it through the APP. The golfer will now be able to focus on the present moment of hitting the best shot he/she can without ‘refreshment cart anger’ issues.

Thank you Team Tap Tee for improving the overall experience of the golfer. Mr. Firestone and Mr. Sutton…you both get thumbs up and a HUGE High Five!

We look forward here at Divot Dynasty to going deep and reviewing Tap to Tee App when it is available near us. In the mean time, click here for a look at Tap Tee Golf and get excited!


Until Next time….Believe and you will Achieve!


‘keep smiling and always believe’


Tap To Tee: Refreshments on Demand
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  1. This is amazing!!!! Where can I try this out!?! No joke, this literally solves my biggest complaint that I have out on the golf course!

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